Small & Medium Business

Give your small to medium business
the stability it needs

The Australian energy market is volatile then ever. All business are feeling the pain,
with the suffering of small to medium businesses made worse due to lack of support.
But with access to the right resources and expertise, you can take back the power –
once and for all.

The in-house expertise
you’ve always wanted

As a small to medium business, you want to invest the limited resources you have into growth and innovation. Not full scale electricity cost management. That’s why you need Energy Genie, for simplified services relevant to you.

Energy Genie has been partnering with small to medium businesses for over 10 years. From butchers and bakeries to dry cleaners and data centres, think of us as your in-house energy specialist – without the overheads of employing a specialist staff member.

How we add value to your
small to medium business

Sharing great
self service deals

Energy Genie assesses retailer offers to present the best self service deal for businesses that spend less than $800 per month on electricity. Contact us to join our free partnership program. Existing partners can login to view offers at any time.

Securing contracts
for your business

If your electricity bills are $800+ per month or hard to understand. We search for suitable competitive energy contracts for your business. Because we examine the fine print, you get the peace of mind you deserve.


Our customised contract service includes a periodical check of usage and demand that can reveal abnormalities and saving opportunities. We also take every measure to identify discrepancies and reduce your costs in the future.

ongoing support

Although we talk electricity every day, we know that you don’t. That’s why we try to avoid jargon and communicate your options with clarity. Should issues arise Energy Genie is available during the term of any energy agreement.

Client story:
Beware of
the wrong offer

A restaurant owner secured a new energy contract. The client was promised a tempting 38% discount on their energy spend – redeemable only if he paid his bills on time.

Several months of lower bills were followed with a bill that was almost 20 times higher, so the restaurant owner contacted the energy retailer. It took the retailer two weeks to ‘check and confirm’ the invoice was correct – by which time he had lost his 38% discount.

That’s when we entered the picture. Within a short time we discovered that several elements contributed to the problem.

  • The retailer had increased base rates on at least one occasion – which the customer was unaware of
  • It had also changed the tariff structure, disguised as a ‘rate adjustment’ – significantly increasing cost
  • The customer was unsure how to interpret the usage data required to verify the bill charges

After explaining these issues to the client, Energy Genie:

  • Sourced a new contract from an energy supplier more suited to the business
  • Assisted to resolve the massive billing error with the original retailer
  • Now provides ongoing usage and bill reporting to prevent further discrepancies

Client story:
Small business.
Big Savings.

Joanne runs a boutique accounting practice. Due to her low energy use and spend (less than $800 a month), it wasn’t viable for Joanne to engage an energy consultant for ongoing monitoring and contract management. But she also didn’t want to waste countless hours trying to assess the myriad of options available.

She needed something quick, simple, and a fair offer. That is how we were able to help her.

By joining our free small to medium business partnership program, Joanne has access to an energy deal that was a lot better than her current one – quickly and easily. And because the retailer in question had the tick of approval from Energy Genie, Joanne was getting more than just a great deal. She was also assured of:

  • Favourable pricing along with fair terms and conditions

  • Joining a credible electricity retailer with a strong track record

  • Our assistance for any account questions or issues which have not been solved with the retailer

Time to give your small to medium business
the stability it needs?

Let Energy Genie help you take back the power over your energy bills, just like we did for these small to medium businesses.

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