Multi-site &
Group Buying

Centralise. Streamline. Save.

Is your multisite operation juggling multiple contracts, rates, tariffs and bills? If so, you’re probably overpaying in more ways than one. Specialising in the multisite market, Energy Genie can analyse and consolidate your sites’ energy costs for untapped efficiencies and savings.


The in-house expertise
you’ve always wanted

Energy Genie works with clients that have portfolios ranging from five to several hundred sites – such as:

  • Retail chains
  • Franchises
  • Associations, clubs & cooperatives
  • Hotel and motel chains
  • Body corporate companies
  • District management companies
  • Buying groups
  • Medical centre chains

How we add
to your
multi-site operation

your accounts

Energy Genie will analyse usage across your sites to build a consolidation strategy. With greater bargaining power, we can uncover great offers with competitive rates, terms and conditions.


Once we have streamlined your contracts, ongoing monitoring of consumption across your portfolio will help identify errors, anomalies and opportunities for further savings.

member value

Why not add an exclusive electricity deal with a rewards program? The more members that join, the greater the benefits!


Ongoing monitoring of energy use, provides familiarity with consumption patterns. In turn, discrepancies and anomalies are more identifiable and more easily avoided.

Client story: 90 sites, one solution

Our client is a well-known retail brand with 90 locations across Victoria. Each store was responsible for selecting their own energy suppliers and budgeting their own energy bills.

This created the following problems:

  • Site contracts ended on different dates – weakening group bargaining power
  • Varied contract rates, terms and conditions were difficult to manage and compare
  • Exit fees applied for stores wishing to end contracts
  • Store managers lacked the knowledge to scrutinise and select energy contracts effectively

Energy Genie has worked with this group for almost 10 years and today the group members enjoy the benefits of:

  • Secure power in bulk to achieve savings across all sites
  • Align the contract end dates without incurring any break fees
  • Acquire flexible and favourable contract terms and conditions for all sites
  • Support store managers for any ongoing issues or concerns

Time to centralise, streamline and
on your sites?

Let Energy Genie consolidate your sites’ energy costs, just like we did for these multisite businesses.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Villages Grocery, Bakery & Liquor Franchises...
Buildings, Complexes, Corporations Brand Stores, Retail Centre Groups...
Retail, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets Fast Food, Coffee, Convenience Outlets...
Agriculture, Farming, Wineries Pharmacies, Community Organisations...
Hotels, Motels, Restaurants Associations, Clubs, Cooperatives...
Manufacturing Factories, Cold Storage Hotel & Motel Chains, OC Management...