Large Business

A strategic approach to your
energy spend

Energy is an unavoidable cost to any business. But if your business is like most, you could reduce and manage that cost significantly. In fact, with the right expertise, you can become a lot smarter about your energy spend – now and into the future.


Industries we service

If your organisation spends $25K or more a year on electricity, Energy Genie can give you the strategic support you need. We help all types of large businesses, in many instances realising untapped savings they never knew existed.

We provide services for clients across all industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Hotels, motels & restaurants
  • Cold storage
  • Commercial office and high-rise buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Nursing homes & retirement villages
  • Wineries & warehouses
  • Retail (supermarkets, shopping centres etc.)

How we add
large business

Evaluating your
energy costs

Energy Genie can review your energy bills to identify potential reductions – sometimes immediately . We’ll also alert you to any risks and untapped opportunities we see for long-term gain.

your bills
usage patterns

We help you reduce the risk of paying too much. Periodical reports provide insight into your energy usage patterns, which can be used to identify and rectify errors or irregularities that exist, saving unnecessary costs.

better deals

Finding the best energy contract can be complex and time-consuming. So why not let Energy Genie assist you? With the expertise to rank and evaluate retail offers, we can help source a great deal for your business.


Ongoing monitoring of energy use, provides familiarity with consumption patterns. In turn, discrepancies and anomalies are more identifiable and more easily avoided.

Client story: How we slashed
$25,000 off
an electricity bill

Energy Genie undertook a free appraisal of a supermarket’s electricity bill. And the result was an extraordinary saving of around $25K per year.

The key to this significant result? A network tariff analysis that’s a part of our energy consulting services.

Our analysis identified a far more cost-effective network tariff. We then assisted the client to implement the change.

Several months later, we also secured a more competitive energy contract for the client – which assured the business even more savings and greater long-term cost stability.

Time for a more
strategic approach
your energy spend?

Let Energy Genie help you become a lot smarter about you energy spend. Just like we did for these businesses and organisations.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Villages Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Villages...
Buildings, Complexes, Corporations Buildings, Complexes, Corporations...
Retail, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets Retail, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets...
Agriculture, Farming, Wineries Agriculture, Farming, Wineries...
Hotels, Motels, Restaurants Hotels, Motels, Restaurants...
Manufacturing Factories, Cold Storage Manufacturing Factories, Cold Storage...