About Us

A snapshot of our business

Energy Genie began as Ferguson Energy Consulting Services in 2007 founded by leading energy specialist, Stephen Ferguson, and has grown to be recognised as a knowledgeable and reputable stalwart within the industry


Our founder

Stephen entered the energy sector in 2003 as a representative for an emerging electricity retailer. He later went on to be a key figure in transforming a start-up energy service into a multimillion dollar enterprise with over 50 staff.

With a love for numbers and an obsession for detail, Stephen can dissect the fine print better than most. His extensive knowledge has helped hundreds of businesses take greater control of their electricity spend.

Our difference


We are always on the lookout for great offers. We always act in your best interests. No hidden agendas whatsoever.

transparent fees

We disclose our fees upfront and always ensure you come out on top.

A long-term
strategic focus

We do what’s best for your business over the long term – even if that means our workload increases.


No matter what your business type, size or sector, you can rely on Energy Genie for a tailored solution. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach.

Our client base

Energy Genie offers energy consulting services for business of all shapes and sizes – from large commercial enterprises to small local retailers. We also specialise in multisite operations, associations and corporations.

So rest assured, we understand the unique challenges and complexities of your sector.

Our service portfolio

You can rely on Energy Genie to:

Source competitive energy contracts

Analyse your tariffs and help manage your demand

Manage and monitor big business energy bills

Consult on a wide range of energy efficiency projects

Time to get smarter about your
energy spend?